GAN is a Spanish brand that belongs to the company GandíaBlasco of Valencia and is specialized in the production and marketing of fabrics for indoor and outdoor use. The peculiarity of this brand is the fact that it is, in fact, the point of origin of the now largest Gandía Blasco. The very first production of the owner’s family dates back to the forties and concerns precisely the creation of fabrics. Then, over the years, the business has been oriented differently, but the original love and passion for fabrics have never faded and have merged into this exceptional brand. GAN products are designed to furnish indoor and outdoor spaces with a unique and original style, linked to the territory in which it is made (with Mediterranean and Iberian influences, therefore): they are not only carpets or wall or furniture coverings, but also artefacts that organise the space, such as the LAN partition wall that is also perfect as a backrest for sofas. GAN is also very active in the social field, carrying out projects for the defense of children and women engaged in work in rural areas of the least developed countries, one of these activities is in India, where it is committed to advancing local communities through work and the development of creativity.

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