Gandiablasco was begun as a family business in 1941 in Valencia, Spain by José Gandia-Blasco. They manufactured blankets and expanded their textile collection on an industrial scale over the next forty years. During the 1990s the brand settled into the domestic textile market due to the exclusiveness and innovation of their designs which were produced on traditional looms. Today the company is known for its outdoor furniture line, its cornerstone, with more than 15 collections comprising nearly 300 different products.

The outdoor furniture collection was developed in 1996 by José Antonio Gandia-Blasco and architect, Ramón Esteve. This ground breaking collection was without competition at the time. The philosophy of the first collection, Na Xemena, was transmitted to the company as a whole: to design functionality with the greatest comfort possible and to include an extremely high aesthetic component. The basic concept behind Gandiablasco’s production is to deliver fresh products with the highest quality materials, elegance, functionality and warm, contemporary, striking and surprising designs that define a lifestyle.

GANDIABLASCO has always wanted to enrich the variety and style of the products with the diverse languages of the designers working with them. All of them are professionals with an irrefutable national and international prestige. Some of the names signing Gandia Blasco products are Jean Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola, Marie Mees, Marisa Gallén, Sandra Figuerola, Ramón Esteve, Odosdesign, Francesc Rifé, and José A. himself, as creative manager of the company.

The company has currently two product lines: outdoor furniture, which is distributed with the brand GANDIABLASCO, and textiles (carpets and duvet covers) with the newly created brand GAN. As regards outdoor furniture, the cornerstone of the company, there are already more than 15 collections.

These factors help towards the consolidation of the expansion business strategy and thus to stand out as a worldwide leader in outdoor design furniture. The brand is currently represented in 74 countries on five continents, with shops and showrooms in New York, Milan, Istanbul, Mexico DF, Oporto, Bologna, Belgium, etc., in addition to several facilities in Spain. Puerto Rico and Palma de Mallorca will also have owned or franchised GANDIABLASCO shops soon.

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