GAN rugs

GAN – refined naturalness from Spain

The GAN brand covers all textiles that you need for a sense of wellbeing. Its members include high quality rugs, poufs and stools. Since 2008, the Spanish company Gandia Blasco has sold high quality products from various designers under this label.

GAN by Gandia Blasco – a success story

The company Gandia Blasco was founded in 1941 as a family business. The main field of activity was the manufacture of blankets. Today, the company sells two different product lines. On the one hand GAN Rugsand GAN Sheets are available. On the other is the GAN furniture, which is sold under the brand name Gandia Blasco. The company today counts over 15 collections under GAN furniture. No less successful is the GAN carpet line, such as the Sail GAN Spaces carpet, which leads the refined textiles. For this, the company collaborated with designer Héctor Serrano. Also, the Kilim Palermo Rug carries the distinctive patterned design language of GAN.

GAN by Grandia Blasco – the mysterious design language of the South

An aspect that is emphasized repeatedly in GAN is the versatility and internationality of the designers with whom they worked. In all cases they are internationally known professionals who enjoy a very good reputation not only in Spain but worldwide. These include Jean Marie Massaud, Marie Mees, Sandra Figuerola, Odosdesign, Jose A. Gandia and Francesc Rifé. Due to the different stylistic backgrounds of the individual experts, each of the GAN Rugs created in India exhibits a wide variety of fresh new designs. Furthermore, fans of the series benefit from the excellent price-performance ratio.

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